Employers offer many benefits to valued employees, and you are fortunate if an EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM is one of them.

A positive mental state in the workplace is your key to success. If you need assistance keeping yourself balanced in these hectic times, we can help!

For employees, it is Confidential, Easy to Access, and best of all it's Free!

Getting started is simple. You may want to browse through our website or just
click here to make an appointment or give us a call. Start getting help today!


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Our new EAP Online Newsletter is here! It is a Quarterly Newsletter, with new articles for you at the beginning of each of our beautiful four seasons.

Welcome to all of the employees of the WESTERN NEW YORK AND PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD; LIVONIA, AVON, AND LAKEVILLE; B&H RAIL CORP! Enjoy our website and let us know how we can help!

Interested in our staff at EMPLOYEE RESOURCES, INC.? We will be highlighting our staff here to share their skill and talent. Our first "highlight" is FRANCINE PFOHL, LCSW-R, our Executive Trainer and you will see why she is in such demand. Our highlights can be seen on our "News" Section.