The EAP Process
The procedure that an employee/dependent follows to access their EAP is quite simple. An employee/spouse/dependent calls the Buffalo EAP office. The secretary will ask the caller to identify him/herself by employer. An appointment is made for the caller with the appropriate EAP counselor according to the counselor specialty and caller geographical convenience. Our EAP consists of a three (3)-session model. Oftentimes, a person can be assessed and have a problem solved within those three sessions. Other times, if after the client is seen, an outside referral is necessary, the linkage is made within the next 24 hours.

We would certainly prefer to see the employee/dependent face-to-face for a full clinical assessment of the problem. However, there may be times when the employee cannot come in to our office. We can provide a telephone assessment with an EAP counselor or send some written information in the mail.

Our offices are open from 9am to 8pm Monday through Friday, Saturdays as needed. After these business hours, we continue to have "live" EAP coverage on a 24-hour basis by telephone. Crisis calls will be handled immediately and appointments will be made for the following business day.

We have a diverse staff allowing for preference. Interpreters are available upon request.


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