An overview of EAP services for your employees and their families.

- 1.5 hours

This is a refresher for supervisors on how to make a Supervisory Referral to the EAP when the supervisor has put an employee into Progressive Discipline. There is a distinct difference in confidentiality parameters which must be understood and observed.


(our most popular topics)

STRESS MANAGEMENT  - 45-120 minutes

Stress Management looks at the sources of stress, their impact and their emotional, mental, and physical symptoms. The training pays attention to the individuality of stress reactions, and emphasizes on the understanding of this factor, rather than the judgment of a person in the aftermath. Different methods of self-education and stress-coping skills conclude this training. (A short self-test is included in this Training; please provide pens or pencils)


Nutrition and Weight-Loss is designed as an informational training, not as a direct facilitator of weight-loss programs. The information contains views at different dietary models, different cultures, and especially at the epidemic of obesity. Food additives, vitamins, minerals, and serving calculation information are included and are to assist in making future choices.


Violence in the Workplace is an overall view at the phenomena of violence among colleagues, customers and employees, patients and employees, former employees and their current colleagues. It has a short historical outline, a psychological abstraction, and the definitions for identified types of violence and violators. The undeniable connection to domestic violence presents itself in numbers and examples. It is advisable to include a part on stress management, as this topic offers itself well to show its affiliation to long-term stress exposure.


Communication Skills include a look at the "ingredients" of a conversation. It shows the barriers and the gateways to successful communication, and the different chances of a breakdown thereof. Misunderstandings, defensiveness, aggression, and the flat out incapacity to converse, are some examples of these barriers. Ways to open gateways are presented, and techniques to raise the quality of our daily interactions.


Grief and Bereavement looks at the universality of emotions during a time of loss and pain. It looks at the different reactions to the loss, which may occur, or at the realization, that a loss is not perceived at all, and the guilt thereof. Certain tools and techniques are introduced in order to self-educate oneself to a healthy way of working with the issue of a loss and the critical incidentstress involved.

IMPROVING MEMORY - 45-90 minutes

This training consists of general aspects about the brain functions and the requirements to attain, retain, and recall information.  With concentration games, repetition and rhythm, and building mental bridges in a playful manner, we can help ourselves to use our memory more effectively.  


Balancing Work and Home is a workshop that includes a short self-test.

(Please provide pens or pencils.) The training takes a close look at the three "ingredients" of this balancing act: Organizing time, Budgeting the Money, and having a healthy social Life. "Choice" is the magic word in this training.

CHANGE - 60-120 minutes

Change is the home for stress. Therefore, this training intertwines parts of the stress-management training with a specific look at the impact of change on our emotional and mental state. How can we negotiate change as a positive constant in our life, both at work and at home?

TEAM BUILDING - 45-90 minutes

Team Building is a training about diversity and differences in the workplace, and how they can be seen as an asset, rather than a liability for the workforce. Explaining some differences with cultural examples is part of this training, as are the practical techniques in conversation building.

Sleep Deprivation - 30-60 min                                 


Sleep Deprivation poses as one of the most serious health threats, caused by the lack of sleep, and too often from the accumulated results of long term stress. This training looks at cause and effect of sleep deprivation, its health implications, and states recent study conclusions within, and outside the US. Included are also tips on improving ones sleep environment, and sleep habits, in order to maximize from the often few and short periods of sleep, which we haft left to rejuvenate.


Marriage and Relationship Enrichment - 30-60 min


Balancing responsibilities, need, and wants.  This, being a very delicate and personal topic, is a training directed at those who would like to cultivate their current relationships with their loved one(s), or with their friends.  We will look at the impact of everyday stress, the importance of making good decisions, and foremost, the ability to communicate well.  This training will be tailored specifically to the particular audience.


As you review the above trainings, please let us know when you would like to set up any training sessions. As always, it is a pleasure providing EAP services to you and your employees.

FRANCINE PFOHL, LCSW-R, Executive Trainer


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