Why Your Company Needs An EAP

Up to 68% of all workers will, at some time, experience workplace problems severe enough to prevent them from coping with day-to-day duties. (Titlemore, J. (1994) Not Just a Handout, CA Magazine)

Problems seen most frequently include:

  • Family Crisis - 25%
  • Stress - 23%
  • Depression 21%
  • Alcoholism 14%
  • Workplace/job conflict - 9%
  • Substance Abuse 2%

For every dollar invested in an EAP, employers generally save anywhere from $5 to $15.
Approximately 25% of working parents worry about their children during the day.

Stress disability cases nationwide rose from 6% in 1982 to 13% in 1990.

Use of EAPs have been shown to result in:
66% decline in absenteeism after alcohol abusers have been identified and treated (Hazelden Foundation)

33% decline in utilization of sickness benefits, 65% decline in work-related accidents, 30% decline in workers compensation claims (American Management Magazine)

28% savings on mental health benefits (Journal of Health Care Benefits)

If you have ever had an employee test positive for alcohol or other drugs, you know how difficult and complicated the next steps can be. EMPLOYEE RESOURCES can be your one and only call. As is required by federal regulations, we at EMPLOYEE RESOURCES are all Substance Abuse Professionals (SAPs) who will do the initial full clinical assessment and determine diagnosis, level of care, and treatment provider. We will put the employee into treatment, follow up the entire time the employee is in treatment by doing on-going clinical case reviews with the treatment provider, and giving you the updates you need for your records. Upon completion of treatment and return to duty, we set up an alcohol/drug testing schedule for the required period of time. The advantage of using EMPLOYEE RESOURCES is that we are completely independent of all treatment no financial investment in keeping someone in treatment or at a particular facility.

If you have a drug testing program as an employer, EMPLOYEE RESOURCES can help when you get a positive test result. We do the full clinical assessment, determine level of care, place an employee in treatment, do follow up, and with appropriate signed consents for releases of information, we give you, the employer, any reports you need. In a union shop, the same information may be given to the union official as requested and/or required.

EMPLOYEE RESOURCES has tested experience working with both Union and Management under the guidelines of their negotiated agreement. The benefit of our EAP provided to the employees helps management to ensure a productive workforce, and helps labor to ensure that the employees/families are receiving the proper and appropriate care they deserve while maintaining their jobs. An example of this is the "Last Chance Agreement". When an employee is fired, a person may be re-instated based on complete compliance with the terms of a Last Chance Agreement. EMPLOYEE RESOURCES works very closely with the employee, the management, and the union to advocate for the employee and to hold the employee accountable for compliance with our recommended treatment plan developed by the highly skilled licensed EAP counselors at EMPLOYEE RESOURCES. Many employees jobs have been saved and people have gotten well using this valuable process.

An EAP is one of those benefits that shows that an employer cares about its employees. A person can come to the EAP on his/her own (self-referral), or under the advisement of a supervisor (supervisory referral). In either case, the purpose of accessing the EAP is to get the employee help if he/she is struggling with a personal problem. When employees realize this service is strictly confidential and only in their best interest, they are very grateful to have the opportunity afforded them by the employer. The service is free to them, prepaid by the employer. Beyond the sessions with the EAP, the person is referred to a treatment provider or a community resource that will be paid through his/her health insurance. It may be self pay if the person chooses a resource not covered by insurance. It is a win/win for employee and employer.


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